9 June 2018

Program Management Team

Dr. Maher Abu-Madi, Country Coordinator, Birzeit University, Palestine

Dr. Gül Özerol, Country Coordinator, University of Twente, The Netherlands

Country Management Teams

  • Palestine Management Team:

Dr. Amer Marei, Al-Quds University, West Bank

Dr. Sameer Shadeed, An-Najah National University, West Bank

Dr. Maher Abu-Madi, Birzeit University, West Bank

Prof. Nabil Joulani, Palestine Polytechnic University, West Bank

Dr. Nawaf Abu Khalaf, Palestine Technical University Kadoorie, West Bank

Prof. Abdelmajeed Nassar, Islamic University of Gaza, Gaza Strip

  • The Netherlands Management Team:

Prof. Jules van Lier, Delft University of Technology

Dr. Ben Sonneveld, Free University of Amsterdam

Dr. Peter van der Steen, IHE-Delft Institute for Water Education

Dr. Gül Özerol, University of Twente

Dr. Esther Koopmanschap, Wageningen University

Advisory Committee

Eng. Hazem Kittaneh, Palestinian Water Authority

Dr. Subhi Smhan, Palestinian Water Authority

Eng. Yaccoub Keilani, Ministry of Agriculture

Eng. Abdallah Lahlouh, Ministry of Agriculture

Eng. Abdelraziq Rayan, Environment Quality Authority

Dr. Issa Baradeiya, Environment Quality Authority


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